Server Solutions

Whether you are growing an existing IP Video Surveillance System or installing a brand-new one, you must make smart data center choices to minimize complexity, increase flexibility, simplify management and streamline maintenance. With every inch of physical data center space at a premium, you need an intelligent solution to your IP Video System challenges an open, standards based, scalable solution that can capture, process, analyze and store more video files, more securely, in less space and for the best value from a single infrastructure supplier.


Global IP offers a variety of video server and storage solutions, all based on the HP ProLiant family of servers. For Larger scale IP Video Surveillance projects with higher bandwidth requirements HP Servers are more suited than a NVR, servers are better at handling larger expansions and they are not limited to specific channel numbers. For added assurance, common points of failure and the amount of downtime and lost data can be minimized. When NVR activity exceeds NVR capacity, when NVRs fail, and when NVRs are upgraded, these all require manual intervention in the field and can lead to system downtime.


Global IP builds video servers for all of the major video management software companies, we offer FREE design services for the IP Video Integrator to properly design the switch network to support the IP Video cameras. HP Enterprise Video Servers include Fault Tolerant Architecture and worldwide on-site hardware warranty by Hewlett-Packard. We calculate the necessary storage for your particular project, Global IP guarantees on-site results. All video servers and storage solutions incorporate 6G SAS technology which double the bandwidth and performance over historical SATA storage. These dual-port bidirectional drives virtually eliminate choppy video streams. Our pre configured HP Servers can drive more cameras per server than SATA-standard servers, lowering your overall hardware procurement costs.


To determine the ideal video recording and storage solution, the number of channels is not the only variable; it is just an approximate guide for computing and network requirements and solution design. Other factors include picture resolution, acceptable video compression, required frame rates, data traffic, network layout and single point of failure. Our pre loaded HP Servers are built with all the above worked out for you.


Service with NO charge

  • Value Engineering proposal assistance
  • Server/Storage design assistance
  • Network design assistance
  • Video Storage calculations
  • Product selection assistance
  • Custom solution design engineering


HP Servers

  • Open Platform, choose from the industry’s largest selection of IP cameras
  • Pre-loaded with Milestone, See-Tec, Exacq, Bosch, Axis and more
  • High-performance storage for real-time recording
  • Deploy high-density storage to meet retention requirements
  • Shorten deployment cycles using a pre-tested architecture
  • Integrate third-party, best-of-breed, video enabling applications –Analytics, Access Control, ANPR
  • HP Insight Control management software, manage server and storage systems
  • 6G SAS technology which double the bandwidth
  • Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Worldwide on-site hardware warranty
  • Video Optimized HP Workstations
  • 2TB to 21,000TB,


Only HP can support all Video Surveillance infrastructure needs by integrating industry-standard storage, servers, workstations, mobile PCs, monitors, racks, and networking to create virtual resource pools that can be managed through a single pane of glass


As part of the overall IP solution we also provide workstations, network equipment, and monitors used for IP Video Surveillance applications. ( see our AV page )