Joint Venture Scheme

Global IP offers you a straight forward no nonsense and very rewarding Joint Venture Scheme. We have learnt through years of working with installer and re-seller partners that taking on a new product set and expanding your portfolio is not as easy as it sounds, yes this is a great way to broaden your offering and hopefully increase revenue, but when a business is so busy and consumed in its own core offering, it doesn’t have the bandwidth to train staff, take on extra staff, expand technical resources, learn product knowledge and be able to offer on going technical support.

Naturally if we don’t hold a product set in our offering then when talking to our customers we make no attempt to try and sell it, why would we ? Working with Global IP as a strategic alliance partner you can look to offer your customer a complete project solution and earn extra money you normally wouldn’t see, and the process is effortless. Within our business sector technology is sold into fit outs, new builds and refurbs, within these projects technology, products and services that you don’t offer, but Global IP does will be looked at and procured. To earn extra cash you just need to probe a little, ask your contact a few quick questions, ” what are you doing regarding your surveillance system ? ”

Global IP will act as your technology partner,  we approach your contact as a representative of your company, and position a IP Video Surveillance System, you will be updated with the process, and when the sale is complete you will receive a % share of the sale. Global IP’s Join Venture Scheme has been running for a number of years, we keep in contact with all our referral partners and often pass work back in the way of procurement and installation.


Mr X owned a Voip installation company and worked on many new build projects in the small to medium sized enterprises. Mr X knew nothing at all about IP Video Surveillance, he had never bought or installed a IP Video Surveillance System. When selling VoIP he was aware this technology was being looked at by his customer and End User, but due to lack on knowledge and technical resources just ignored this potential opportunity. Now working with Global IP Mr X asks his customer a few quick questions and passes us the contact, we position cutting edge and high end technology and you increase your revenue.

Professional Service

Global IP has built numerous direct relationships with 1000′s of Manufacturer around the world, We provide contingency based sourcing services for IP Video Surveillance and surrounding technology. Our team works hand-in-hand with our Manufacturers to ensure that the best innovative solution is developed for your End User.

  • Site surveys
  • Systems design
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Installer introduction
  • Configuration services
  • Preloaded HP servers
  • Value engineering proposal assistance
  • Server/storage design assistance
  • Network design assistance
  • Video storage calculations
  • Product selection assistance
  • Custom solution design engineering
  • Demonstrations sites
  • Product demonstrations
  • Manufacturer Introduction