IP Considerations

From a 1000 IP camera set up to a single application there are many factors to consider when building a IP Video Surveillance System. We have tried to keep this general, for more advanced options, please contact us.

Form -  The physical shape of the IP camera ? 

  • Fixed - Usually in the form of a box, cube or bullet style
  • Dome- As per name
  • PTZ - You can control the IP camera to Pan Tilt and Zoom

Usage – where will it be located ?

  • Indoor - To be used indoors with no IP rated protection against weather conditions
  • Outdoor -To be used outdoors with an IP rated protection against weather conditions
  • Vandal Proof - Protection against tampering and vandalism
  • Day & Night -Changes the cameras mode during night time with a IR cut filter, LED lighting may be required

Features – what it can achieve

  • POE - Connect the IP camera and power it with the same single cat5e cable
  • Megapixel - Put simply the higher the Megapixel the better the quality and resolution 1 million pixels = 1 MP
  • IR LED Lights - If using a day and night IP camera and its pitch black you will need IR lighting
  • Optical Zoom - Remotely you can alter the zoom of the lens
  • Audio Support - If audio is needed it comes in the form of 1 way and 2 way audio
  • On Board Storage - In the form of a SD card you can record your footage within the camera itself
  • Wide Dynamic Range - WDR enables the capture and display of both bright and dark areas in the same frame
  • HD - Enhanced video quality over the older analogue camera with VGA resolution at 640×480 pixels, 720p HD = 1280×720 and 1080p 1920×1080. Higher the resolution, less cameras needed.


  • VMS - Video Management Software, comes free with your camera, where you control, schedule, record images.
  • Open Platform VMS - Milestone and Seetec, for larger applications, open to multiple camera manufacturers
  • Pc - Record locally to your Pc at your business location or home.
  • NVR - Network Video Recorder – Record video to a NVR.
  • NAS - Some IP cameras like Axis and Panasonic can auto configure to an Iomega NAS with Universal Plug & Play.
  • SD Card - Some IP cameras have on board storage.

For an easy to install IP video system from Axis click me

Please contact us with any questions