IP Video Recording

The preconception when IP Video Surveillance technology came to the forefront and challenging older CCTV analogue systems, was that IP ( Internet Protocol ) or network cameras required large amounts of bandwidth on the End Users network. Many years back when the streaming standard was MPEG only and video motion detection was not available, IP cameras did utilise a lot of bandwidth within the data centre or comms room.

With the industry compression rate standard now using H.264 and smart features like recording upon motion, IP cameras are inteligent and are seen no more as a burdon on the network. With this ever developing technology and new Video Management Software, or ( VMS) IP camera systems now integrate with NAS units through Universal Plug and Play.

An IP camera recording at VGA resolution of 640 x 480 @ 15 FPS would require only 32GB’s for 45 days storage.

An IP camera recording at 720p resolution of 1280 x 960 @ 15 FPS would require only 32GB’s for 15 days storage.

VMS Software

  • Most IP cameras ship with their own form of Video Management Software ( VMS ) usually in the form a a CD
  • For larger, more complex application you may require open platform VMS solutions by Milestone or Seetec.
  • We provide Apple Mac specific VMS

Video Management Software (VMS) is where you remotely take control of your recordings, set motion detections, schedule recordings, archive recordings, export images and video etc.

IP Recording Hardware

  • NVR, Server, NAS, SD Card, PC’s, Apple devices, All in One Pc

All devices above can store IP video footage, there are many factors to consider before you choose, cost ? Number of cameras ? What resolution will you be recording in ? How many Frames Per Second ( FPS ) ? Will you be using motion detection ? How long are you storing video for ?

One of our most popular solutions for VMS is Axis Camera Companion, its simple to set up, down loadable clients are available for your Pc and Apps for your Mac, recording is based upon SD cards within the camera, or direct to a NAS unit. Cost savings are aided by POE and no NVR is needed on site.


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