Plug and Play ANPR IP Camera and barrier control system !

IP ( Internet protocol ) ANPR cameras, a surveillance camera that runs over a network through a cat5e cable with added barrier / gate control is very much in demand in the ANPR market place. In the UK there has been only a handful of IP Manufacturers that have released such true end to end IP camera ANPR and gate control systems. Arecont and Bosch in the main. The biggest obstacle primarily was the set up was quite complicated and both camera models needed to integrate with Milestone software. You would need a vast knowledge of Milestone itself or pay a Certified Milestone installer the added cost of around £500+ per day.

Global IP is a strategic distribution partner of ParkIT and LetUgo, a plug and play Mega-pixel IP ANPR camera barrier control systemThe package is easy to install and the system can be installed by any security camera installer with little IP network based experience. There is no need for special ANPR expertise at the installer side. The functionality of the LetUgo system is automatic gate/barrier opening based on the ParkIT ANPR camera.

Applications - Access control (Entry & Exit) to restricted car parks – or vehicle storage area – Maximum stay car park management – POE (Pay-On-Exit) car park management – POF (Pay-On-Foot) car park management – Security control / monitoring – Weight-In-Motion (WIM) systems – Border control

IP ANPR Camera System features

  • Easy to install
  • 3 – 12 m/10-40 feet distance
  • 1.3 Megapixel
  • IR LED’s for 24/7 surveillance ( Auto day and night switch )
  • Built-in auto setup wizard helps easy integration and configuration
  • Automatic adaptation to the environment
  • Visitor management
  • Automated entry of vehicles based on license plates
  • Gate/door controlled automatically, directly by the camera
  • Advanced reporting capabilities to help statistical analysis
  • Parking revenue calculation and parking revenue calculation
  • Storage of all incoming/outgoing car images, Plate numbers, times
  • Managing multiple blacklists and whitelists,
  • Integration option with any existing back end-system
  • Increased security by logging all car events

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LetUgo – ParkIT ANPR / LPR IP camera system

LetUgo Data Sheet 

ParkIT Data Sheet

**Pre-Configured IP ANPR Bundle including cable and all in one HP Pc**