HD IP Manager

Construction Site HD IP Manager is a high end 1080P IP Video Surveillance System specifically designed for the Construction, Building and Property Development sector. HD IP manager is built around HD IP cameras from the markets leading ONVIF manufacturers. Through our pre configuration centre we can pre build and IP address the camera making installation and set up breeze.


Why use Construction Site IP Manager ?

  • Remote project monitoring from Pc’s, Macs and mobile phones
  • 1080P HD time lapse movies using the IP cameras integrated FTP server
  • Live Project streaming to assist project marketing and promotion
  • Morning check up email, set the IP camera to send you a image / email in the morning.


Hardware needed for your construction site IP camera is minimal and pre-configured. Your HD IP manager will be shipped as 1 x HD 1080P IP camera, 1 x External rated housing unit, 1 x POE injector. The construction site IP camera is POE only, this gives you greater flexibility in regards to where you position the camera, sending data and power down the same single cat5e cable.

If your the director of a building firm or and Architect who wants to keep an eye on design, Global IP’s Construction Site HD IP Manager lets you view, monitor, record, archive and take snap shots remotely from where ever you are in the world. Regardless of your distance from the project site, simply log in and view in HD streaming resolution.

You can also offer your end user a HD Time Lapse movie of the build, use it for advertising and marketing. Simply set the FTP server on the camera to upload a Jpeg in HD resolution of 2048 x 1536 to your Pc or Mac. For calculations of bandwidth needed please contact us.

Global IP also supplies 3G and NAS specific Construction Site IP Cameras where no fixed line is avilable.

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