Commscope LAN

The Commscope brand is the worlds leading LAN cabling system ( cat5e,cat6 & 10GIG, OM3 and OM4 multimode and OS2 single-mode fiber ) and is deployed in the UK more than any other solution. Commscope with its Systimax brand has held the market share within copper and fibre cable applications for a number of decades. The top three leading Structured Cabling Manufacturers are ranked as follows, number one is Systimax by Commscope, in second and third place is Brand-Rex and ADC Krone, all three combined have a share of almost 50% of the UK Structured Cabling market.

Recently Commscope introduced the Uniprise Structured Cabling System as an alternative product to its premium Systimax solution. Uniprise is very cost effective and its focus is on design simplicity, application flexibility, uncompromising quality and value are all qualities customers come to expect from CommScope. Uniprise solutions are ideal for enterprise customers that need superior value and world-class performance.

High quality, easy-to-use Uniprise solutions are built to support the customer’s structured cabling needs and, with a 20-year warranty, to protect their IT investment well into the future. The right quality, the right level of technology, the right support and the right price, these are the cornerstones of Uniprise solutions. Commscope products are manufacturerd in America.

CommScope has a rich history within Structured Cabling and Infrastructure, it traces back to the formation of cable TV infrastructure, the first wireless networks, and networking of the world’s first data centers and intelligent buildings. CommScope has grown to play a role in virtually all of the world’s best networks, from broadband to enterprise to wireless communications.

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