3g Timelapse

Global IP supplies Sony hd bullet IP cameras for security applications, but these smart little cameras also work great as a HD time lapse camera. With the ability to connect and set the time lapse camera to take a Jpeg every 10 – 60 minutes, in HD resolution you can collect a library of images and convert them into a 5 minute time lapse movie once your project is complete. We sell 2 types of Sony time-lapse camera, 1 is the 720p model which gives you a resolution of 1280 x 960 and the 1080p versions gives you a massive 2048 x 1536. The camera is POE only which means the cat5e cable you use to connect it you also send power down, this saves time and money and also gives you greater flexibility in regards to where you position the camera.

So now you need to connect your camera to a device where you can store images, Option 1, the easiest may be your Pc, laptop etc on site, but as a lot of time lapse projects are construction and project based a fixed land line is not always available. Option 2, a NAS device, you simply connect your HD IP camera to the NAS no land line is needed, just power, and the images are stored on the NAS. Option 3, is a 3G router, this is the most popular option when a land line is not available, as the advantage over the NAS is as your camera is connected to the Internet, remotely you can log on and check in on your project anytime of the day, wherever you are in the world. You could even set the camera to send you a JPEG image every morning.

We have worked out that you would need a fixed SIM package of just 500MB a month and would cost only £14 per month. Here is how we worked it out, a sony HD IP camera, takes a JPEG image for time-lapse at a data size 150K, if you took one every 20 Min’s, that’s 450K x 10 hours per day = 4500K per day x 20 days a month ( not including weekends ) = 90000K = 90MB usage each month. 

Through our Pre-configuration centre we can IP address and configure your time-lapse system making set up quicker

A time lapse overview on all you need to know